Smartly Refreshing Banners

HVR (High Viewability Refresh) is a product which will swiftly reload your banner ad units with a new ad.


HVR - How Does It Work? - Image

How Does It Work?

It intelligently refreshes those banner units which are viewable by users for over 30 seconds.

Pre-set Triggers refreshes ads upto 6 times.

Key Benefits
  • Seconds to refresh and refresh frequency can be configured as per your choice
  • Need not create any new ad spots on the page
  • It allows you to run your ad stack without hampering your current revenue
  • Increases the number of highly viewable impressions
HVR - What About User Experience? - Image

What About User Experience?

Since, users are highly engaged reloading an ad during this duration makes the ad more valuable.

Maintains high consistency in viewability score, yielding revenue and it is compliant with Google policies.

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What About Revenue?

Our past evaluation shows that a Publisher can yield an additional incremental revenue by 15-30% using HVR’s optimization technique.

HVR - How Do I Implement? - Image

How Do I Implement?

We provide you a Java Script which has to be placed in the head section of your website. You can access our console to view refreshed impressions, eCPM and revenue earned.

Product Features

HVR - Feature1

Adds more value without creating new ad spots.

HVR - Feature2

Ad viewability and user engagement are HVR’s primary.

HVR - Feature3

High CPM’s during each successive reload.

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